ICYMI: John Arnold and Ray Madoff Chat with #GivingTuesday’s Rob Reich about Accelerating Funding to Charities

Every Giving Tuesday, communities around the world come together to show their support for their favorite charities and causes. Last week, GivingTuesday board chair and Initiative to Accelerate Charitable Giving coalition member Rob Reich led a discussion with John Arnold, co-founder of Arnold Ventures, and Professor Ray Madoff about why charitable reform is needed now and how the coalition’s proposals will support charities and nonprofits. Some key highlights here:

“[The Initiative to Accelerate Charitable Giving] is really trying to go after the whole spectrum, from the largest givers all the way down to the smallest…[T]here’s a lot of the neighborhood organizations and community organizations that are dependent upon the small giver and so it’s, again in our view, vital that be supported and incentivized.”

John Arnold

“GivingTuesday is the day that we focus on the incredibly important work being done by the charitable sector…This is the opportune time to focus on the fact that we need all of the tools in our arsenal to promote charitable giving, especially the tax rules, because they play an important role in how many people shape their charitable giving.”

Ray Madoff

“[T]here’s relatively little attention paid to the incentive structure that the tax laws that shape charitable giving…By paying attention to those tax laws, I think we can unlock a much different kind of charitable sector – or charitable giving pattern – than we have to date.” 

Rob Reich

Check out the conversation here.