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Global Citizen’s Chris Stadler: Charitable Giving Is Broken—Here’s An Easy Way To Fix It

In Forbes, Chris Stadler, chairman of the board of directors for Global Citizen, wrote an op-ed entitled, “Charitable Giving Is Broken—Here’s An Easy Way To Fix.” Stadler explains how IACG’s charitable tax reforms could provide much-needed resources and funding to support charities. As he notes, America’s charities “have always been a unifying force in society, addressing a wide breadth of unmet needs and helping Americans navigate health, social and economic crises.”

Some excerpts from Stadler’s op-ed below:

“[The Initiative to Accelerate Charitable Giving] provides an important framework to ensure the benefits for charitable giving actually translate to benefits for charities and nonprofits.”

What appears clear from the coalition’s proposal is that these reforms could go a long way towards alleviating the crisis in America’s charities. As the nation continues to wrestle with the devastating impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic on our communities and seeks to address issues of racial justice, demands for services from charities are greater than ever.

In short, the reforms proposed by the Initiative to Accelerate Charitable Giving—if fully implemented—could help to bridge the gap between what governments can spend and what our charities need to meet this challenging moment.

There are common sense reforms we can make to continue to provide motivation for philanthropy in the United States. Congress has given some to support charities and the beneficiaries they serve, but government cannot be the only solution. America’s philanthropic sector can and should do more to help America’s charities.

Read the full op-ed here by Global Citizen’s Chris Stadler. Global Citizen is a member of the Initiative to Accelerate Charitable Giving.